All these volume buttons, you still can’t turn up

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it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 

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either you put this many questions marks ???????????? or you put none

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i see myself in you


2011 tumblr aesthetic. comments under every post and an accompanying gif of rachel from glee. oversaturated graphics with eight frames to keep under the 500kb limit. having lost the ability to can

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37 of 100 Random Graphic

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In this gif you can see:

  • minah having mental breakdown
  • chanyeol looking like he has diarrhea
  • lu han escaping after ROFL like a buffalo
  • xiumin running after lu han to smell his butt
  • chen losing all hope for his band members
  • suho backing away from all the crazies
  • lay clapping like a madman
  • kai getting scared of lay
  • kyungsoo creepily clapping at no one in particular
  • baek going in circles like a hamster
  • kris going to the nearest exit to avoid all the shame
  • sehun enjoying the show
  • and tao judging everyone

i always feel so bad when people leave me nice messages and they’re like “i’m so sorry if this is creepy” like no are you serious you’re not creepy at all have you seen my blog i’m the fucking creepiest person alive

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